This is a Place where Traders want to EARN from the MARKET consistently with low investment.
About TradeExpert

Advanced Software Tool

TradeExpert is a innovative and Advanced Software tool which provides BUY/SELL Signals in Index/Stock Options to Trade in NSE. It calculates lot of things before providing BUY/SELL Signals and the Given Signals are yielding Huge Profit with Small Investment. Most Analyst say High Risk yield High Return and Low Risk yield Low return. But, TradeExpert let you benefit HIGH RETURN with LOW RISK.

BUY/SELL Signals

Here, in TradeExpert you don’t need to study chart or analyze each stock. Here we let you EARN, not LEARN. Just spend 5 Mins everyday in the evening, visit our Web Site and Search for BUY/SELL Signals in Index/Stock Options thru “Search Signals” Menu. And follow the Signals, next day. There is no need of Huge investment in trading in Options. Invest Small and Take small Risk and look for getting Multiple times of Profit from your small investment. And certainly you will get.

Money Multiplication Magic

In TradeExpert, we advise you to book profit always if your investment gives multiple times of profit, atleast 2 times. It will give you only one call per month for one counter. That is, if you take NIFTY, TradeExpert will analyze deeply and give a BUY signal in CALL option, then that call is valid for the entire month. There is no need to follow any Stop Loss. Sometimes you may have BUY Signal in PUT option too, in the same month. So maximum of Two Singals will be given (One CALL Option and One Put Option) in any Counter. You have to decide Which Contract to choose for the given Signals in the Counter? You can read the details here, How to Choose Contract for Buying and All other Rules here in detail.